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  1. 170,000 Chevy Silverado EV Reservations so far

    I'm not the only one who just endured that winter storm with temperatures below zero, wind chills below minus 30, crippling wind, roads that were solid ice, and utility companies who were doing "rolling black-outs" because they couldn't meet energy demand. And the thought that crossed everyone's...
  2. 170,000 Chevy Silverado EV Reservations so far

    That 20% will decrease heavily after official pricing is released.
  3. Which Looks Better – Silverado EV Or Sierra EV?

    GMC trucks ALWAYS look better. The Chevy brand has generally made ugly trucks since 2003.
  4. 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT (Work Truck) PRICING Revealed!

    No thanks. That’s $30k more than a comparable truck with a real engine. That cash will buy almost two decades worth of gasoline.