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  1. A new test drive of the RST

    I'm a big fan of Zack (a.k.a Jerry). Be sure to check out his military Hummer EV conversion and the underground bunker he built in his backyard. So I just put in a reservation for a Rivian R1S, and now you're going to tempt me to watch this video and see if I should keep my RST reservation...
  2. Buying A Rivian Instead Of A Silverado EV

    We test drove one in Normal IL at the factory that had green interior and green exterior. After comparing to the black and light gray interiors my wife was hooked on green. Her reasoning is that we will see the insides much more than we see the outside while driving. that said I hate how all...
  3. Buying A Rivian Instead Of A Silverado EV

    Yes, the wife wanted the green interior and the only ones prebuilt were white. I really wanted canyon red exterior but green interior is not a buildable option with we are going with silver exterior, green interior.
  4. Buying A Rivian Instead Of A Silverado EV

    Ironically two weeks ago I placed a reservation for a Rivian just like the OP of this thread. Now I need to chase down someone st my Chevy dealership to get my refund for the Silverado EV that I won’t need. I cannot wait to be allowed to configure my R1S for real… but I’m guessing it will be...
  5. When do NACS equipped vehicles start arriving?

    I predict there will be a new EV charging rage where Tesla owners start picking fights with non-Tesla people charging on ”their” network.. BTW, I have a Silverado EV order that I should just cancel as I plunked down a deposit for a Rivian R1S. Quite a bit cheaper than the Escalade IQ, and I’ve...
  6. When do NACS equipped vehicles start arriving?

    Yeah, I am a bit worried about Ultium after hearing of Blazer EV issues. I hope this doesn’t cause GM to go out of business since they initially announced 30 EVs coming. Alas I also worry about Dodge as they’ve gone all EV and their 2024 lineup is pretty much non-existent unless you want a Hornet
  7. When do NACS equipped vehicles start arriving?

    Then it sounds like jumping in on a 2024 model with CCS and CarPlay might be better than waiting for the 2025 NACS and no-CarPlay model. I could do this with a Lyriq as there seem to be plenty of them sitting at dealerships, but no Silverado EVs yet.
  8. Not getting my deposit refunded

    So with everyone cancelling I keep moving up the line. Yet I don’t want to get too far up in line, I need others to be Guinea pigs so I can get a solid 2nd model year RST with hopefully most of the gremlins worked out.
  9. Window of demand for Silverado EV closing?

    I added myself to the reservation list in August 2023, so I'm pretty far down the list. I absolutely do not want a first model year vehicle, and am actually considering pulling the trigger on a 2025 Lyriq or Escalade IQ. Alas, i sure hope Ultium doesn't become the ultimate flop. That could end GM.
  10. When do NACS equipped vehicles start arriving?

    True, though I’ve seen plenty of issues with charging station operators having flaky relays to release the charging cord, networking issues to scan your phones/bar codes, etc. I mostly charge at home and have a Volt at the moment so range anxiety isn’t an issue, but if I get a Silverado EV...
  11. When do NACS equipped vehicles start arriving?

    I have a Silverado RST reservation in, but didn't put in my reservation until August 2023, so I'm pretty far down the list. After watching some Cadillac Lyriq reviews on YouTube, it seems like the 2024 model with AWD still has the J1772 with CSS connector and one reviewer mentioned that the 2025...
  12. Not getting my deposit refunded

    I've resigned to the fact that any "starting at" MSRP is just a gimmick as nobody really wants that low MSRP vehicle. Well, not nobody. I did buy a manual transmission 2004 Cadillac CTS with a starting MSRP of $29995 and its only option was nicer lower profile wheels. But I got $10k off of a...
  13. Not getting my deposit refunded

    congrats. So what did you buy instead?(It has been so long)
  14. Dealer called me today.

    I would love an Avalanche. It seemed so practical and even though the plastic cladded one got a lot of criticism at the time, I think that’s the one people want now rather than the newer ones without the cladding. The problem with any 400+ mile EV is that the cost of the batteries will be...
  15. Buying A Rivian Instead Of A Silverado EV

    it’s been like this since 2013 when I bought my Chevy Volt. Every year you hope for more EVs and every year it seems like they are coming out at a glacial pace. Had they made the Blazer EV in 2015 I’d be all over it. But now I need something that tows. Why nobody is going down the path of 100...
  16. Buying A Rivian Instead Of A Silverado EV

    I also have a Chevy Volt, 2013 White Diamond Tricoat. I'm keeping my Silverado EV reservation while watching other reservations drop like flies near a bug zapper. Even though I submitted my reservation in Aug 2022, the more of you that go to other trucks, the further up the line I will be...
  17. Not getting my deposit refunded

    Glad you got your deposit back. I’ll bet you spent more than $100 of your time trying to get it back, but it’s the principle of the thing.
  18. Not getting my deposit refunded

    I wonder how many people are trading in their Teslas for the onslaught of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche EVs purely because of Elon’s antics. Yet, there are some who will never buy German cars from the holocaust, or an Audi because of VW’s Dieselgate. Back to the Silverado EV, I may be...
  19. Not getting my deposit refunded

    Did you see the RAM revolution policy? It isn’t a deposit, but a fee to have the privilege to be in line for a future vehicle, so no refund possibility at all.