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  1. Buying A Rivian Instead Of A Silverado EV

    Rivian has Alexa built in for voice control. Have a look at the manual to see the kinds of things you can control (access the manual through the app, or via the central screen). The cruise resume is kind of annoying, but you get used to it eventually. I never used USB for media files on other...
  2. Ready to give up

    What part of my comment led you to this conclusion?
  3. Ready to give up

    GM hasn't missed dates on the Silverado, they were never supposed to be available until this fall or early next year depending on the trim level. That is also why you haven't seen any reviews yet, but I think I heard from a few outlets that first drives are coming soon, so you will see a little...
  4. GM is ditching CarPlay in all future EVs and teaming up with Google instead

    No Android Auto or CarPlay. They think they can do a better job curating the experience and software themselves.
  5. GM is ditching CarPlay in all future EVs and teaming up with Google instead

    Rivian doesn't have CarPlay, and they don't appear to have any plans to add it, so if that is holding you back from the Silverado, probably should strike the Rivian off your list too.
  6. Silverado EV size?

    Definitely understand that. Fullsize trucks have gotten way too big. Maybe you would be more comfortable in a Rivian, it is what I would call right-sized. Basically between today's midsize and fullsize trucks, very similar in size to the GMT800 trucks I had in the past. I spent a lot of time...
  7. Silverado EV size?

    The Avalanche was last seen a couple generations of truck ago when trucks were more reasonably sized. The Silverado EV will be sized like modern trucks (ie bigger). The bed itself is a foot longer than the Avalanche, which I don't think is a bad thing, and overall size is nearly identical to...
  8. GM is ditching CarPlay in all future EVs and teaming up with Google instead

    This is a bad move. I understand the want/need to integrate navigation software with the truck's operating system for purposes of battery conditioning. Also, it would be a marketing nightmare if people are running their trucks dead because they are using CarPlay to navigate instead of the...
  9. 2024 Silverado EV WT base work truck - $42K - new video !

    I don't think we can say it has decreased demand that much. They are still selling every one they can make (with a significant order bank outstanding) at the new starting price of $56k. I don't see GM leaving that much profit on the table. I could see them undercutting Ford by a thousand or...
  10. 2024 Silverado EV WT base work truck - $42K - new video !

    Based on what Ford has done, I think it is very unlikely that a $42k (or even $50k) Silverado EV is ever made.
  11. Found a Silverado EV Charging in the Wild -- video walkaround + photos + charging stats

    Based on what is seen here, it will probably be somewhere in the 235-240 kWh range total capacity factoring in charging loss and top and bottom buffer, with maybe 220ish kWh usable. The battery enclosure is slightly larger on the Silverado than the Hummer (per information from the enclosure...
  12. Midgate

    GM and a few others made tents like this for the Avalanche. I would expect one to be available for the Silverado.
  13. The Rivian option

    It's a whole new world, and there is a lot to learn.
  14. The Rivian option

    No it is not, the modules and components all need to be designed for 800V. GM is doing things slightly different though, with the ability to "stack" the pack electrically, the motors and everything down stream of the battery doesn't need to be 800V. This method allows for the faster charging...
  15. The Rivian option

    EA or EVGo 350kW chargers support 800V, that is how they get those numbers. Current is limited to 500A by CCS standard, which is why 400V class vehicles top out around 200 kW. Rivian actually is around 450V, which is why it can go to around 220 kW.
  16. Ford Raises Lightning Prices AGAIN!!

    Sign of the times. We can expect the Silverado to follow suit.
  17. What colors do you want?

    I would love to see some brighter colors. Bring back one of the oranges that you could get on the Avalanche.
  18. Rear Sliding Window?

    It will be easy to take out regardless of topper or what is in the bed as it is done from inside the cab.
  19. Rear Sliding Window?

    Probably not a slider, but you can take out the whole rear window when you need to pass something through. If toppers are anything like what they made for the Avalanche, they sealed on the c-pillars (sail panels), so you wouldn't even have to worry about rain like you would with a slider and a...