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  1. Successful deposit refunds?

    I cancelled online 10/3. Almost immediately got robo-texts from the dealer asking what vehicle I wanted more info on. Replied I just wanted a refund. They replied it would be forwarded. Crickets for 10 days so I used the dealer's online Contact Us to ask about refund. I gave details (name and...
  2. Just posted from Chevrolet's Factory ZERO - EV WT rolling off the assembly line!

    For perspective, F150 Lightnings started pre-production 9/21/21. Build dates for MY22 began late April 2022. So 7 months of pre-production. That matches up with Chevy's Fall 2023 availability. I don't think it will be these cheaper WT trims though. They originally said they were going to produce...
  3. 2024 Chevy Silverado EV WT (Work Truck) PRICING Revealed!

    FYI, the article indicates DFC is included in the MSRP not additional like your TLDR.
  4. Silverado EV at State Fair of Texas

    I reserved in the first minute and there was an option for the the first edition model. I think it sold out within hours. So then there was just the reservation option for the RST/WT and like you said, there was no way to specify which one.
  5. Silverado EV at State Fair of Texas

    I think the timing is different depending on model. I know when I reserved there was a choice of the really expensive first edition model and that may be the one that arrives late next year. Or you could reserve a "regular" model (I did) that I believe was indeed Summer of 2024.