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  1. Silverado EV Walkaround Review by Doug Demuro

    It looks basically the same as the Hummer EV, with a slightly different front and rear.. but the basic body from the side if you compare, you can tell it's based on the Hummer. I saw it in person last spring at the New York Auto show, but you couldn't get up close to it. I'm curious if its...
  2. ? Silverado EV Reservations List – Post Yours!

    Reserved two in June a week apart, at a dealer in NY and Florida. first one was NY (since cancelled): #357xxx Second one a week later in FL: #301xxx Either random number generator, or possibly regional blocks of numbers?
  3. Silverado EV at State Fair of Texas

    I reserved twice in June this year, one for me and one for my father in FL and NY, and I believe it said for 2024 model when completed. I cancelled the NY reservation for myself as I have other plans and was just trying to get a reservation for my father. Just got a voicemail from the NY...