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  1. Ford Raises Lightning Prices AGAIN!!

    Sign of the times. We can expect the Silverado to follow suit.
  2. What colors do you want?

    I would love to see some brighter colors. Bring back one of the oranges that you could get on the Avalanche.
  3. Rear Sliding Window?

    It will be easy to take out regardless of topper or what is in the bed as it is done from inside the cab.
  4. Rear Sliding Window?

    Probably not a slider, but you can take out the whole rear window when you need to pass something through. If toppers are anything like what they made for the Avalanche, they sealed on the c-pillars (sail panels), so you wouldn't even have to worry about rain like you would with a slider and a...
  5. Chevy/Cadillac dealerships starting to get level 3 chargers

    I didn't have problems with my Rivian. Guess it depends on the dealer though. I needed to top up on a trip to see family, and the EA station I normally use was closed.