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  1. Who Still Has A Lightning Reservation? Check This

    Nothing yet, reached out to the dealer with the email saying there would be no ADM. See what happens.
  2. GM to Dealers: NO Silverado EV Dealer Markups or Lose Your Allocation

    I think shaming them on the forum is a good start. Maybe with an ADM list (opposite of this one).
  3. The Silverado EV is not a Silverado.

    Basically, Ford adapted their existing frame to be used as an EV. The Silverado/Hummer platform was designed to be an EV from the get go. It’s still a body on frame but the batteries are more tightly integrated into the structure of the platform.
  4. Specs & Pricing Comparison: Silverado EV vs Hummer vs Lightning vs Cybertruck vs Rivian

    The Silvalanche EV an hummer have a joke of a payload. I imagine the Ford Maverick may have more? It does. 1500 lbs. They are heavy as f*ck and the payload is a joke, but I am liking the Chevy with the folding midgate. I hope it has a heat pump and camp mode.